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Workers frame a house on one of the 31 lots in the Uintah Bluffs subdivision. The view is from the end of the cul-de-sac for Uintah Bluffs Place, which is the access in from Manitou Boulevard and the street onto which all the development's homes will face.
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After over a decade of planning, homes being built in Uintah Bluffs

Nov. 25, 2017
       With homes finally being built this year in the Uintah Bluffs subdivision, developer Matt Craddock commented that “they look even better than I imagined.”
       “There was a lot of sweat, a lot of tears and lot more money than we ever
One of the first homes built in the Uintah Bluffs subdivision sits in the background off Uintah Bluffs Place, a new public street off Manitou Boulevard that was created for the development to provide access to the eventual 31 homes.
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expected to spend,” he added. “But it's worth it.”
       The 31-lot, single-family-home project is on an otherwise undeveloped hilltop plateau, accessible by a new public street off Manitou Boulevard that was part of the project.
       The plateau rises above Uintah Street to the north, Bristol Elementary to the east; and Monument Street to the south.
       The lots are being sold for $105,000 to $145,000. Craddock has a contract with Adamo Homes of Castle Rock to design and build homes for the buyers. Four types of ranch-style homes are available, from two to four bedrooms.
       Craddock acquired the 13-acre property in 2005, originally considering apartment units, then townhomes before settling on single-family about two years ago. Issues along the way included the steep terrain and drainage control.
       The prep work included construction of a stormwater system draining to a detention pond in the lower, southeast corner of the site.
       The building area is confined to the northerly part of the property - along Uintah Bluffs Place - with the remainder left as open space.
       The project plans include a right of way for a public trail between Bristol Park (east of Uintah Bluffs) and Mesa Open Space (west).

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