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A new Waffle House is planned for construction on about the same spot as the current one, as seen from Chestnut Street, with the Fillmore Street stoplight in the background at left.
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Projects moving forward to redo SW, SE corners of Fillmore & Chestnut

Built in the 1970s, this strip center at the southwest corner of Chestnut and Fillmore streets had already been shut down and fenced off when this photo was taken last summer. It has since been demolished (including the pavement) in preparation for construction of a new Subway restaurant.
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Oct. 14, 2018
       Changes are in progress on two prominent commercial properties facing each other on Chestnut Street along the south side of Fillmore.
       At the southwest corner of the two streets (technically 2970-2990 N. Chestnut St.) will be a commercial building that includes a new Subway sandwich restaurant. The building will occupy slightly more space than the previous strip center, built in 1976, which was recently torn down.
       At the southeast corner (technically 755 W. Fillmore St.) will be a new, somewhat larger Waffle House restaurant, replacing the current one from 1974.
       Below is information on each project, with facts derived from the respective plan submittals approved by Colorado Springs Planning in 2018, as well as from the El Paso County Assessor's Office.
       Overview: Located at the corner's southwest corner and facing Fillmore, the new strip center will consist of “one to two” retail lease spaces in addition to the
A vicinity map identifies as "site" the property where a new Subway is planned at Chestnut and Fillmore streets. The Waffle House property is just to the east, on the opposite side of Chestnut.
Courtesy of Langley Architects
Subway, according to the project statement and site plan by Subway's contracted architect.
       Property size: just over 25,000 square feet.
       Size of new building: 4,256 square feet (old building was 4,160).
       Owner: Marbal Properties LLC, which bought the site for $605,000 last April.
       Work so far: Demolition of the old strip center.
       Construction start date: Unavailable (despite attempts to reach the Subway office that's managing the project).
       Opening date: Also unavailable, but expected in 2019.
       Access: Same as before, from Chestnut.
       Unique design aspects: None apparent in plans.
       Overview: After demolition of the current Waffle House (built in 1974), the company will build a new one on almost the same spot, which will look about the same as the one before. The plan was previously outlined in the June 2017 Westside Pioneer article at this link.
       Property size: 33,793 square feet.
       Size of new building: 2,020 square feet (existing building is 1,622).
       Owner: WH Capital LLC. The franchise used to be locally owned, but the business is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Waffle House Inc.
       Work so far: None, but demolition anticipated later this year.
       Construction start date: Unavailable.
       Opening date: Also unavailable, but expected in 2019. (In a 2017 interview, a Waffle House executive said that once demolition starts, the business will have to close for two to three months while waiting for the new store to open.)
       Access: Same as before, from Chestnut and from Fillmore.
       Unique design aspects: None apparent in plans.

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