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A backhoe scoops up debris from the northern end of the old 7-Eleven store on South 21st Street during its demolition July 26. Photo looks north, showing what's left of the old building front. A new 7-Eleven store will be built on about the same spot.
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Demolition of old 7-Eleven on 21st; replacement seen in December

The demolition of the South 21st Street 7-Eleven is seen in a view looking south. The jet of water in the background is to help keep the dust down.
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The old 7-Eleven store is no more.
       A wrecking crew with Christofferson Commercial Builders was busy July 26 tearing down the 46-year-old structure at 1011 S. 21st St.
       According to Alan Whitaker, who was on the scene for Christofferson, his company will also handle the construction of a new store on the 1-acre site, with completion scheduled in mid-December.
       The facility closed at the end of May, after Colorado Springs Planning staff had approved a development plan for its replacement earlier in the spring. The demolition was delayed because of issues gaining approval for the actual work, according to Pikes Peak Regional Building Department records.
       Plans show the new 7-Eleven having the same north-south alignment, with gas pumps in front as before. But the building will be smaller - 3,062 square feet compared with 7,180 - because it won't have office space on either side like the old place did.
       That new size is comparable to that of other modern 7-Elevens.
       The project follows the store's purchase last October by 7-Eleven Inc. in Dallas, Texas. The site previously had been owned by a local group, AHAG LLC, which still owns 1.77 acres of vacant land just up the street at 1035 S. 21st.

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(Posted 7/26/17; Land: Construction)

On July 5, about three weeks before the demolition of the old 7-Eleven building on South 21st, two backhoes dig out a space for the future replacement store's new underground gas tanks.
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