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Reminiscing: The Westside Pioneer's Page 1 Territory Days paintings, 2004-2012

May 17, 2018
       In the first nine years of the Westside Pioneer, during the period when we published weekly, we featured an exclusive Page 1 painting by a Westside artist in our annual edition that came out before Territory Days.
       Each year we approached a different artist. Our only request was that the content be somehow related to the Old West “theme” of Territory Days.
       We were so impressed by Jason Baalman's work in 2011 that we have used the applicable part of his 1800s-style creation ever since as a colorful enhancement of our original Pioneer banner.
       Just for the sake of reminiscence, the Westside Pioneer's Territory Days paintings from 2004 to 2012 appear below. (Note: This year's Territory Days will be May 26-28. See Westside Pioneer article at this link.)
Bruce Lindsey (Untitled), 2004.
Bill Crowley (Untitled), 2005.
Martha Mans (Untitled), 2006.
Kirk Mueller ("Buffalo Hunt"), 2007.
The late Eugene "Mr. Eugene" Snively ("One of the Girls"), 2008.
Laura Reilly (Untitled), 2009.
Douglas Rouse (Untitled), 2010.
Jason Baalman (Untitled), 2011.
Chris Alvarez (Untitled), 2012.

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