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If limbs in April 4 snowstorm didn't fall from city trees, it's not their problem

A car maneuvers past limbs that fell from city trees onto the 2600 block of Robinson Street as a result of the heavy snowfall April 4 that started in the early morning and lasted into the afternoon.
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For the second time this year, Colorado Springs and the Westside have been plagued by fallen tree limbs - this time caused by heavy snow April 4 - and the city response is much the same as before:
       Unless the limbs fell from city trees, they are the responsibility of those owning the properties they landed on.
       According to an April 5 press release, “city crews continue to clean up thousands of city trees that were damaged or destroyed during Tuesday's spring snowstorm in central and western Colorado Springs, including Old Colorado City.”
       The release notes that “homeowners are responsible for removing private trees and debris from their property, but are encouraged to check with their insurance company first to see if damages are covered or assistance is provided. People who may need assistance with debris removal are encouraged to call Pikes Peak United Way 211 for referrals to help seniors, people with disabilities and those on a limited income."
       The press release also lists three businesses accepting tree and vegetation debris:
       - Rocky Top Recycling, 1775 E. Las Vegas St., 579-9103 ($10 per load weekdays; or free with non-perishable food donation on Saturdays only from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
       - Don's Garden Shop, at Platte and Powers, 591-1040 ($6 per cubic yard or $18 per truckload).
       - Pioneer Sand, on Vollmer Road, 495-8858 ($10 per load, any size).
       Damaged or downed city trees can be reported to the city at 385-5942 Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Trees that are blocking roads or other rights of ways may be reported to 385-ROAD. Trees in medians or parks areas may be reported to City Forestry at 385-5942.
       The previous problem this year with branches breaking off trees resulted from area winds exceeding 100 mph Jan. 9.

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(Posted 4/5/17; Community: Ongoing Issues)

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