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Storm-drain work on 21st precedes 2C paving from Broadway to Highway 24

In February 2016, crews digging under 21st Street in the area of Wheeler Avenue and Broadway Street temporarily narrowed traffic. Photo looks south, up the 21st Street hill. A storm-pipe lining operation around Broadway, which will precede the scheduled 2C paving job later this year from Broadway to Highway 24, is planned to start by the end of March.
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Another Westside street getting improvements this spring - prior to being paved under the 2C “road tax” program later in the year - is 21st Street between Broadway and Highway 24.
       A problem storm pipe needs to be lined under that part of 21st (to avoid having to dig the pipe out entirely), according to Dave Scalfri, City Public Works' operations manager for contracted programs,
       Scalfri estimated that the lining operation will start by the end of March. The only anticipated traffic impacts will be near Broadway and 21st, where a manhole vault has been built to allow access to the pipe, he explained.
       Another Westside thoroughfare getting 2C pre-paving improvements this spring is Uintah Street between Mesa Road and 30th Street. See Westside Pioneer article at this link.
       Unlike Uintah, the 21st Street portion is not newly scheduled. It's part of a 2C segment on which a contractor started the paving work in 2016, moving north down 21st from Lower Gold Camp Road. Crews got as far as Broadway, then stopped for the year because of the storm-pipe issue, Scalfri said.
       Other previously announced 2017 Westside paving segments are still on the 2C list for this year. They are:
       - 26th Street from Cimarron Street to Lower Gold Camp Road (preparatory utility work is under way and scheduled to continue from March to at least May).
       - Bear Creek Road from Gold Camp Road to Lower Gold Camp Road.
       - King Street from 30th Street to 19th Street.
       - Lower Gold Camp Road from 21st Street to 26th Street.
       - Naegele Boulevard from 21st Street to 25th Street bridge.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 3/17/17; Transportation: General)

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