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Uintah from Mesa Road to 30th added to 2017 paving jobs under 2C

A city street crew repaves a problem section in November 2016 in the westbound lane of Uintah Street west of 24th Street. Final paving under the 2C program, to include the segment shown here, has been added to this year's schedule.
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A nearly two-mile stretch of Uintah Street has been added to the list of Westside streets slated for paving this year under the 2C program.
       The segment is between Mesa Road and 30th Street.
       According to Dave Scalfri, City Public Works' operations manager for contracted programs, the decision was made in part because Colorado Springs Utilities needs to make system improvements along a portion of that segment this year, so it makes sense to schedule the paving work after that.
       Also, the Mesa-to-30th section is close to readiness for paving, in terms of the necessary concrete upgrades (curb, gutter and sidewalk). Scalfri said city contractors started on the concrete element last year; plans call for it to be completed by summer.
       Concrete crews from the DRX company plan to be in that area by the second week of March, working from Mesa to 19th on the north side of Uintah and from 19th to 30th on the south side, Scalfri said.
       Intermittent lane closures can be expected.
       The Uintah section had been on the five-year 2C list, but had not been assigned a year until the recent City Public Works decision.

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(Posted 3/9/17; Transportation: Major Roads)

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