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Free park rentals, barricades May 4-13 - but apply now to beat the paperwork

Face-painting, live music, picnics and other activities were part of the festivities organized by the Holland Park Community Association at Jackson Park in September 2008. For "Neighbor Up Week" (May 4-13), groups can reserve neighborhood parks for such events at no cost.
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Feb. 19, 2018
       Normally it costs $250 for a special event in a Colorado Springs neighborhood park. And neighborhoods planning block parties could easily pay over $100 for barricades to close off city streets.
       Those fees aren't changing, but during “Neighbor Up Week” (May 4-13) they're being waived for qualifying group events in the city as well as El Paso County.
       “Work with your local businesses, schools, HOA, neighborhood association, and/or community members to plan a park picnic or block party in your community,” suggests a Neighbor Up flyer distributed by the Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO).
       Working from a downtown office through a contract with the city and county and getting funding help from several area businesses and foundations, CONO is a nonprofit that supports strong neighborhoods.
       Knowing that government forms must be filled out and the permit process can take time, CONO started putting the word out this winter - a quarter of a year before Neighbor Up. In addition, Sara Vaas, the agency's assistant director, said she will guide neighborhood folks through the bureaucracy, as needed.
       Groups don't have to be CONO members to qualify for the park and barricade freebies. The overall intent is to help “activate communities,” she said.
       Neighbor Up does have one exception regarding parks. Locations known for heavy use, including Old Colorado City's Bancroft Park, cannot be reserved. But other parks on the Westside would be OK, according to city rules.
       Event paperwork, park maps, “tool kits” and other information can be found at the CONO website (cscono.org). Vaas can be contacted at 471-3105 or sara@cscono.org.

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