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LETTER: Encouraging avenue sculptures that celebrate OCC history

On the north side of Colorado Avenue, the facades are seen for two classic brick buildings - the Templeton (left) and the Waycott (right) that contribute to Old Colorado City's historic designation.
Westside Pioneer file photo
Feb. 6, 2019
       As one who worked from 1976 on to revitalize Old Colorado City, not just for businesses, but also for the preservation and renovation of the historic architecture already there, I am wary of the unspoken assumptions underlying "Art on the Avenue." [See Westside Pioneer article at this link.]
       With the idea of changing the art pieces annually, I am afraid the "art" is intended to mimic modern "artsy" works, like the ones in Manitou Springs or downtown Colorado Springs.
       I have considered contributing to pieces that celebrate enduring aspects of the history of Colorado City... Figures of personalities, like Anthony Bott, who made the town famous, if notorious... Events such as the 1st Colorado Regiment marching down Colorado Avenue to Glorieta Pass in the Civil War... Or pieces that evoke the 1890s saloons or the actual use of the "horse alleys."
       I am afraid my taste in art goes to an extension of Colorado City as it was 100 years ago, not modernistic images.

       Dave Hughes

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