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LETTER: 'Warming fires' by city's vagrants 'put all of us at risk'

Dec. 22 2017
       When will the safety of the Colorado Springs residents who work and pay their taxes take precedence over the vagrant population who have invaded our city? As it stands right now, they have more rights.
       Since when is it a good idea to allow "warming fires" that put all of us at risk? Do the CSPD and CSFD really think that someone who has been drinking or on drugs will take the proper precaution when extinguishing the fire? There was recently a large brush fire that threatened homes in the Centennial/Fillmore area behind the Veterans Clinic. Warming fire?
       When are the residents of this city going to say enough is enough? Will your neighborhood be next?

       Mary Gallivan

       Editor's note: This letter references the Westside Pioneer article regarding the new policy by the City of Colorado Springs to allow "warming fires" at illegal campsites. See article at this link.)

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