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2018 2C paving list shows 2 segments of 21st, 5 Westside streets in all

Dec. 11, 2017, updated Jan. 10, 2018
       Two segments of 21st Street are among the Westside roadways scheduled for paving under Colorado Springs' 2C “road tax” program in 2018.
       City-wide, a total of 223 lane miles are on the list, a Public Works press release states.
       The 21st Street portions for 2018 are the following:
       - From Argus Boulevard to Lower Gold Camp Road.
       - From Cimarron Street/Highway 24 to Colorado Avenue.
       Located between those segments of the busy two-lane roadway is Lower Gold Camp to Cimarron, which received new
Preparation work for the 2C King Street paving project last summer is shown at Winnie Way.
Westside Pioneer photo
overlay over the past two years through 2C.
       Also on the paving slate for the Westside in 2018 are:
       - 24th Street from Pikes Peak Avenue to Wolff Place.
       - Walnut Street from Colorado Avenue to Boulder Street.
       - Gold Camp Road from 26th Street (and past the Section 16/Red Rock Canyon Open Space trailhead) to Bear Creek Road.
       - Chestnut Street from Buena Ventura Street to Fillmore Street.
       2C is the name of the city-sponsored ballot measure that voters approved in the November 2015 election. It established a .62 percent sales tax over a five-year span (2016-2020). Revenues are dedicated to road improvements, consisting of milling and paving and (where applicable) concrete work before paving to replace or add curbs, gutters, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps.
       In 2017, according to the coloradosprings.gov website, city-contracted crews paved 242 miles. On the concrete side, the statistics show 149,631 linear feet of curb and gutter, 301,996 square feet of
A milling vehicle gouges out and removes old 26th Street asphalt to ready the roadway for paving last summer.
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sidewalk, 77 new pedestrian ramps and 870 existing pedestrian ramps that were “retrofitted” (typically to make them less steep).
       The total 2017 expenditures through Sept. 30 came to just under $33 million. 2C revenues collected at that point were just under $34 million.
       “The tax's revenues are dedicated solely to roads, with approximately 50 percent of [the expense] dedicated to sidewalks, curb and gutter,” the website points out. “Replacing or repairing concrete is an essential part of roadway maintenance, which protects streets from deterioration.”
       Public Works' 223-mile paving target for 2018 will raise the three-year 2C total to 694 miles, the press release states.
       “The city is trending ahead of schedule to reach the goal of 1,000 lane miles of new asphalt over the five-year life of the ballot initiative,” the release continues. “Any and all funds remaining at the conclusion of the five-year schedule will be applied to paving for future years.”
       Here are all the Westside's 2C paving jobs completed in 2017:
       - 21st Street from Broadway to Cimarron.
       - 26th Street from Colorado Avenue to Lower Gold Camp Road.
       - Bear Creek Road from Lower Gold Camp Road to Gold Camp Road.
       - King Street from 30th Street to 19th Street.
       - Lower Gold Camp Road from 21st Street to 26th Street.
       - Naegele Road from 21st Street to 25th Street bridge.
       - Uintah Street from Mesa Road to 30th Street.
       As to how streets are prioritized under 2C, “the city uses the nationally recognized 'Pavement Quality Index' [PQI], which evaluates all city streets for quality and assigns it a PQI number that is used to determine when a street needs maintenance or repaving,” the 2C website states. “All paving and maintenance projects are prioritized and timing is coordinated based on the PQI, resources, other planned/current projects and weather.”

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