27 recognized at first Westside Spirit Awards

       With gold, silver and bronze awards, as well as certificates of appreciation, 27 upgraded Westside properties were recognized at the first Spirit Awards presentation Nov. 17 in the West Intergenerational Center.
       Organized by District 3 County Commissioner Sallie Clark in conjunction with the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), the awards symbolize that “a lot of people do good things for the neighborhood, making it nice for future generations and the neighborhood in general,” Clark said before announcing the winners.
       She also stressed that these were the “first annual” awards and that the recognition effort will be back next year.
       Nominations in various property-improvement categories had been requested through the end of October, after which a team of judges - City Council members Jerry Heimlicher, Randy Purvis and Scott Hente, along with Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) President Jan Doran - decided the winners.
       Purvis, Doran and council member Tom Gallagher joined Clark in presenting the awards. Close to 50 people were on hand. Although the judging determined gold, silver and bronze awards (first, second and third), each of the nominees received certificates and were invited to come up and talk about their projects.
       Purvis and Gallagher are both Westside residents.
       Debbie Moore, the second-place finisher in the residential remodeling category, described a situation with which many homeowners could identify in noting that part of keeping up her property is “a fence I have to paint every year.”
       The awards are as follows:
       Business Signage
       GOLD - Bona Dea Teahouse and Emporium 1824 W. Colorado Ave.
       GOLD - Planet Hair 1314 W. Colorado.
       SILVER - Athletic Therapeutic Massage, 917 W. Colorado.
       BRONZE - Wake Point Energy Healing, 1402 W. Colorado Ave.
       BRONZE - The Revolution 1312 W. Colorado Ave.
       APPRECIATION - Studio 3, 1709 W. Colorado.
       Historic Preservation
       GOLD - Tangles Salon, 930 W. Colorado.
       SILVER - Rock Welch, Attorney, 1030 W. Colorado.
       BRONZE - Andy and Pat's Our Hearts Inn, 2215 W. Colorado.
       GOLD - Jack and Judith Ekstrom, 2115 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       SILVER - Juanda Godfrey, 1411 W. Colorado.
       BRONZE - Denise Duble, 925 W. Pikes Peak.
       APPRECIATION - John Callahan, 1912 W. Colorado.
       APPRECIATION - Pamela Just, 1407 W. Colorado.
       APPRECIATION - Nathan and Janelle Buckman, 2302 W. Platte Ave.
       New Construction
       GOLD - Stockton-Gilland, LLC, 1331 W. Colorado.
       SILVER - Palace Homes, 1216 W. Colorado.
       BRONZE - Dreamworks, 1626 W. Colorado.
       GOLD - Anderson Chiropractic and Acupuncture, 1318 W. Colorado.
       SILVER - Paravicini's, 2802 W. Colorado.
       BRONZE - Future of Wellness, 1131 W. Colorado.
       GOLD - James and Marguerite Littlefield, 915 W. Pikes Peak.
       SILVER - Deborah Moore, 919 W. Pikes Peak.
       Landscaping/Curb Appeal
       GOLD - Ella and Jim Lamphear, 820 W. Pikes Peak.
       SILVER - Ida and Norman Bernier, 1311 W. Cucharras.
       GOLD - White Rose Wedding Chapel, 2220 W. Colorado.
       SILVER - La Petite Maison Restaurant, 1015 W. Colorado.

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