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LETTER: Increasing bum problem diminishes quality of life for community

Nov. 17, 2017
       Mr. Jordan, I personally thank you for being courageous and addressing this horrible and increasing problem with the homeless folks here on the Westside. I know it is all over Colorado Springs, but they are certainly more visible west of downtown.
       More importantly, thank you for addressing the concerns of the taxpaying and honest citizens who are burdened with this insane and ever-growing non-productive
The proprietors of this Old Colorado City shop had an unwelcome surprise one morning in May 2016, finding this sleeper in front of their entrance.
Westside Pioneer file photo
cancer, which is spreading to every Westside neighborhood by leaps and no boundaries.
       Yes! My neighbors and I fear for our safety at times.
       Yes! We are tired of homeless confrontations at every local shopping center (read: we no longer go to the Red Rock shopping center and Safeway on West Colorado Avenue, nor do we patronize Uintah Gardens to shop!).
       Yes! We are tired of seeing and picking up the litter, liquor and beer bottles and the stolen shopping carts they leave behind at every major intersection.
       Yes! to Mr. Steven Schwartz's comment directed to the editor: "You must have had a really bad day involving some of our homeless population that inspired your recent Editor's Desk column." [See Schwartz' letter and Westside Pioneer Editor Kenyon Jordan's response at this link.]
       Well, Mr. Schwartz, we and the editor are all not just having "one" bad day, we are having a bad day here every single day of the week, 365 days a year, thanks to the bum and transient problem, and it is criminal what they are doing, and a real and constant topic of our neighborhood conversations and concerns. Yes! it is horrible and needs fixing, soon!
       Many ask: "Just where are all these bums and homeless coming from anyway?" We are tired of it and we are angry about it. Even with posted signs in the medians at 31st Street and West Colorado... there they are, violating the law and posing safety hazards to themselves and motorists every day.
       Yes! thank you Mr. Jordan, for helping to expose this "bum problem" and voicing a viable solution. Please continue to expose the growing "insane" population of beggars and bums and homeless whom we are burdened with supporting and cleaning up after.

       Steve Bartley

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