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LETTER: Agree that Uintah sharrows will have cyclists 'swimming with sharks'

Nov. 14, 2017
       I don't think bikes belong on roads with motor vehicles. [See Westside Pioneer article on the city's planned Uintah sharrows at this link.] I agree that it's like “swimming with sharks” [as Welling Clark is quoted in the article].
       Not only that, but 99.9 percent of the bikes on the road do not observe traffic laws, like stopping at stop lights and traffic signals. They aren't even required to carry insurance or be licensed, are they? They are definitely accidents looking for places to happen, sad to say, with the heavy traffic in Colorado Springs.
       There are many lanes and trails that are safe for bikes to be, and that is where they should be riding; not on streets with automobiles. I haven't figured out how this decision was made about striping Uintah to include bike lanes or sharrow makings without any input from Westside residents?

       Sharin Barnes

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