Stone sign awaited to complete PV entryway

       The Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association is just a stone's throw - well, sort of - from completing its entryway project.
       The stone in this case weighs 2,743 pounds, is 6 feet high and 8 feet wide, so it will need a truck to get to and from the engraver who will be etching the words “Pleasant Valley” on its face.
       In the meantime, association members in recent weeks have volunteered, in conjunction with City Parks crews, to transform the formerly blacktopped 5,000-square-foot traffic island at 31st and Bijou streets into a landscaped oasis, lined with stones and filled with 180 low-water plantings.
       The plan, according to association member Carol Corcoran, is to have the engraved stone in place sometime this month.
       That will finalize a proposal that her husband, former association president Jim Corcoran, has advocated for the past couple of years. It became a reality this year when City Parks supported the project's goals.

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