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Midland Trail temporarily closed near WAAP bridge project at Adams Crossing

Nov. 9, 2017
       With construction occurring on the new Adams Crossing Bridge, a nearby segment of the Midland Trail has been temporarily closed.
       The segment is between Beckers Lane and Columbia Road
A graphic shows the area of the current Midland Trail closure between Columbia Road and Beckers Lane, as well as the suggested detour. Note: The graphic incorrectly shows the trail south of Colorado Avenue; it is actually just north of it.
Courtesy of Westside Avenue Action Plan
where the bridge work over Colorado Avenue is scheduled to continue until April as part of the Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP).
       The Columbia-Beckers portion follows a former streetcar right of way just north of Fountain Creek. The new bridge is being built just north of the old one (the south half of which is being kept open to vehicles), and the creek also is being aligned slightly to the north.
       A suggested trail detour follows Columbia to El Paso Boulevard to Beckers (see graphic on this page).
       WAAP is a $30.9 million multi-government project that is implementing major upgrades along Colorado/Manitou Avenue west of 31st Street.

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