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LETTER: Centennial project turned road into 'raceway'

Taken from Amstel Drive, the photo looks north along the part of Centennial Boulevard where pavement has replaced the former medians.
Westside Pioneer photo
Nov. 9, 2017
       Unfortunately, the wider street has turned Centennial into a raceway, even with the reduced speed limit. It is mostly ignored.
       Our home is in the middle of the open area and we no longer have a safe way to cross the street. Prior to the reconfiguration, we would cross from Amstel to the median and wait for any oncoming traffic to clear before proceeding. Now with it wide open, it is a race to get across.

       Terry Barcelona

       Editor's note: The letter speaks to Colorado Springs' recently completed Centennial Boulevard reconstruction project, which included changes in median locations (see Westside Pioneer article at this link). The referenced “open area” is the half-mile segment between Chesham Circle and Windmill Avenue, which formerly had a median separating the two lanes of traffic on either side.

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