Art Tour locations listed

       The locations for the Artists' Studio Tour and Sale Nov. 12-13 are as follows:
  • Eye Object, 1612 N. Tejon St., Lori DiPasquale (bi-fold and tri-fold screens of fabric, painted plaster and ornamentation) Eric Murphy (photography of landscapes and historic architecture) and Carol Ettenger (paintings in Egyptian encaustics technique). 201-1027.
  • Martha Mans Home Studio, 462 N. Limit St. (landscapes and figures in oil and watercolor) and Mariya Zvonkovich renderings of imagery in oil and pastel). 634-3063. Willow Bend Studios, 514 N. 17th St., Marc Jenesel and Karen Pierce (multimedia woven vessels) and Caron O'Neil (mixed- media sculpture with found objects; also beadwork).. 634-5475.
  • Rouse 66 Studios, 2217 W. Colorado Ave., Douglas Rouse (mixed media with recycled and found objects) and R.E. Tolzman, (wood-fired ceramic vessels and found-object paintings). 201-1966.
  • Deb Komitor Studios, 741 Panorama Drive, Deb Komitor (clay sculptures, bas-relief and colored pencil drawings) and Lorraine Danzo (watercolors, abstract collages). 635-8456.
  • Michael Baum Art, 317 Crystal Hills Blvd., Manitou Springs, Michael Baum (landscapes in different styles). 685-1828.
  • Kay Beaubien Studio, 106 Lovers Lane, Manitou Springs, Kay Beaubien (landscape and monotype prints).
  • Jane Roberts Studio, 610 Pioneer Lane, Jane Roberts (wearable sculpture and jewelry art) and Jeannie Breeding (watercolor landscapes) 632-5912.

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