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Old Colorado City trick-or-treaters roam along the north side of Colorado Avenue's 2500 block during Safe Treats the afternoon of Oct. 31.
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Mostly bundled-up trick-or-treaters still flock to Old Town for Halloween

Coronado High robotics team members used their robot to catch tossed rolls of tape (note one in the air) for a game in the Old Town Plaza during Safe Treats.
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Nov. 3, 2018
       Costumed families by the hundreds trekked to Old Colorado City the afternoon of Oct. 31 for the annual Halloween Safe Treats, receiving sweet satisfaction from merchants and enjoying other festivities.
       It being a weekday (Wednesday) - with snow having fallen that morning and temperatures in the 40s - attendance was lower than some years. However, Safe Treats volunteer organizer Lori Kasten said in the midst of the affair that she felt “this is a good number,” in terms of it being a Westside neighborhood event. She was also pleased that the sun came out and expressed appreciation for her fellow volunteers who helped make the free event happen.
       As usual, the 2˝-hour candy giveaway attracted costumes from young and old, many of them home-made. Setting an example were the trio
Smokey the Bear spread good will and a fire safety message in the Old Town Plaza during Safe Treats.
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from Kasten Accounting in Old Town Plaza: Lori; her mom, Judy Kasten; and Abbie McKitrick. They had fashioned outfits to become the “Hail Marys” - a visual play on words combining the themes of nuns, football and (in a summer 2018 local reference) hailstorms.
       Other observed homemade costumes included an elephant, a lion, a swashbuckler, a football player, a wraith, several princesses and witches, Batman on his Batcycle (Joey Molina of Jorge's restaurant), a vampire, a Wizard of Oz group (the Tvrdy family) and a whole lot of people dressed like residents from a cold climate.
       In the Old Town Plaza, visitors found the Coronado High School robotics team using their 2996 robot outfitted to catch items for an interactive game, Smokey the Bear, the Texas Roadhouse Armadillo and various other games and vendor booths.
       Coronado students also volunteered as crossing guards at the Colorado Avenue intersections between 24th and 27th streets.
LEFT: Joey Molina of Jorge's turned his scooter into a "Batcycle" outside the restaurant to hand out treats. With him (white/red facial makeup) is fellow employee Howard Kidd. RIGHT: The "Hail Marys" (from left) Lori Kasten, Judy Kasten and Abbie McKitrick (note the nun habits, football eye-black and "hailstones").
LEFT: The Tvrdy family, visiting from Rockrimmon, decided to dress in a "Wizard of Oz" theme. RIGHT: Trick-or-treaters are on a quest for candy on the north side of Colorado Avenue, just west of 26th Street.
LEFT: One of 20-some Coronado High School volunteers handles avenue crossing-guard duties at Colbrunn Court. RIGHT: Colorado Tees employee Tacey Martin hands out "bewitching" treats in the 2500 block.

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