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A Wildcat Construction crew digs to install a new storm drain inlet at the southwest corner of Highway 24 (also Cimarron Street) and 31st Street. Other work there involves cutting back the slope to create a retaining wall along the highway west of the intersection to mitigate sloughing.
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With fall, 2018 roadwork on Westside is wrapping up... somewhat

In late September, a crew with concrete contractor Even Preisser builds a sidewalk next to the existing one along the west side of 21st Street between Naegele Road and Highway 24. The parallel sidewalks in that segment will remain until the state comes back (probably in 2019) to tear out the old one and, in its place, build a longer southbound right-turn lane.
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Oct. 27, 2018
       The Westside's “roadwork summer” mostly wrapped up this fall.
       Prominent exceptions - both of which will continue into 2019 - are the Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) work west of 31st Street (See article at this link) and upgrades by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) at Highway 24 and 31st Street.
       Most of the 24/31st project is finishing in mid-November, explained CDOT project manager Steve Goure. It includes intersection drainage improvements, realigned or added sidewalks, a new 70-foot-long retaining wall next to the highway and an extended highway eastbound left-turn lane (from 400 to 1,300 feet). The only significant traffic impact will be a closure of the eastbound left-turn lane for a week to 10 days, starting Nov. 4, he said.
       But a delay in receiving new stoplight poles from the manufacturer means the poles can't be installed, along with their wiring and concrete bases, until January and/or February, Goure said.
       The contractor at Highway 24/31st, Wildcat Construction, is also building an intersection median and related signage at the highway intersection with Ridge Road/High Street, fulfilling CDOT plans to prevent left turns from those streets onto Highway 24, because of safety concerns. That work is due for completion by early November, Goure said.
       A traffic impact there is scheduled from Oct. 28 to Nov. 4 while the median is being built: no left turns in either direction on Highway 24.
       A city project that looks finished is the reconstruction of 21st Street between the highway and Colorado Avenue. It was paved by a city contractor in October, following a Colorado Springs Utilities water-main replacement. The reconstruction also involved new and replacement sidewalks, as well as bridge stabilization and waterproofing and sidewalks. Funding mostly came from 2C (city road tax) dollars.
       However, CDOT plans to come back in 2019 to widen and lengthen 21st's southbound right-turn lane near the highway. That's why the city's 21st Street contractor left a double sidewalk on the west side of the road between the highway and Naegele; CDOT will dig out the old sidewalk, the one nearer to the roadway, to create the new lane, according to plans.
       Other Westside road projects that were wrapping up this fall are:
       - Walnut Street from Colorado Avenue to Boulder Street. The project includes restriping to narrow Walnut to two lanes with bike lanes; same for Bijou's two blocks west of I-25. Also permanent is the four-way stop at Walnut and Bijou.
       - 24th Street from Pikes Peak Avenue to Wolff Place.

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