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LETTER: Remember builder of house that restaurant is named for

Oct. 23, 2018
       Yes, in 2009 I wrote about Henry Templeton and his fortunes in the original Colorado City. [See Westside Pioneer article on the new Templeton's restaurant at this link.]
       There is much more to the story and Henry Templeton's life. I hope the new owners of the Templeton House frame the West Word story, together with
The plaque for the Dave Hughes Cyberpath marks the walkway just north of the historic Templeton Building between 25th Street and the public parking lot about 200 feet to the west.
Westside Pioneer photo
photos of him and his wife, and make it part of the restaurant's decor. Perhaps even make it a printed handout for the restaurant guests.
       Templeton tried to join the Union Army early in the Civil War, in 1861. But the Army turned him down for a medical problem, so with his wife and three children and another on the way, he trekked out west in a covered wagon, encountering Indian tribes along the way.
       He tried to open a flour mill near Colorado City that failed.
       But because the large number of lots in the two-mile by one-mile platted Colorado City had only a handful of buyers, Henry bought many of them up for a few dollars apiece. Then, as fortune would have it, James Hagerman had to buy up hundreds of lots from Henry for the Midland Railroad's roundhouse and yards.
       With those funds, Templeton built the Templeton Building that's now on the corner of west Colorado Avenue and 25th Street. As it prospered from tenants, he was able also to build the Templeton House for his wife. Unfortunately she died before it was finished, but their children and he lived there.
       Henry was a dedicated Methodist - even was referred to as a "father of Methodism" in Colorado City. In fact, when the Boone Mortuary was built as a narrow building between his home and his large Templeton Block - which narrow building still stands next to the walkway between them - Henry often held funeral services there for the bereaved and poor of Colorado City.
       Henry Templeton was an honored north-side Colorado City pioneer - offsetting the rowdy saloon owners from the south side of Colorado Avenue.
       So I was honored in 1998 to have the City Of Colorado Springs brand that historic Templeton walkway as "Dave Hughes Cyberpath" - about the only bronze tablet with an Internet address on it in all of Colorado Springs.

       Dave Hughes

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