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Can you count how many painted lady butterflies are on this rabbit brush outside the south entrance to the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center? We're not even sure!
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Region sees 'huge migration numbers' this year for painted lady butterflies

The delicate intricacies of a painted lady butterfly's wings are seen on a Westside chrysanthemum.
Westside Pioneer photo
Oct. 16, 2017
       It's been hard to miss the last couple of weeks, the multitude of orange and black butterflies lighting on flowers on the Westside and elsewhere.
       The Westside Pioneer asked Bret Tennis, Colorado Springs Parks' operations administrator for the Garden of the Gods (who also gives insect talks at the Visitor & Nature Center), and this was his reply:
       “Those are painted lady butterflies and Colorado is seeing huge migration numbers this year. Some experts believe it is the largest migration in decades! At least for this area.
       "It is an annual migration and good rains along with other conditions led to great numbers this year. They are migrating South to southern Texas and northern Mexico. After three generations, they will return this way.
       “Painted ladies feed on lots of different wildflowers and the yellow rabbit brush [found at the Visitor Center] is a great fall flower for them.
       “I believe the peak of their migration has passed. Sure has been nice seeing so many of them.”

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