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HD 18 candidate Mary Elizabeth Fabian's responses to Westside Pioneer questionnaire

Mary Elizabeth Fabian is running as Republican for House District 18.
Courtesy of the candidate
Oct. 19, 2018
       Mary Elizabeth Fabian, 32, is one of three candidates for Colorado House District 18 in the Nov. 6 election. She is running as a Republican.
       She has lived in the region nine and a half years and works as a consultant, focusing on the needs of small businesses. She has also served on several organizations and charitable boards, including the Fort Carson Military Council of Catholic Women.
       She has no government-elected experience.
       Like all three candidates for House District 18, Fabian was given a multiple-choice and yes/no questionnaire by the Westside Pioneer, which included the opportunity to add comments where desired (up to 100 words in all).
       The other HD 18 candidate who answered the Pioneer questionnaire was Maile Foster, running as an independent (see Pioneer article at this link). The third HD 18 candidate is Marc Snyder (Democrat), who chose not to fill out the questionnaire, as summarized in the Pioneer article at this link.
       Fabian's responses (and comments, where provided) appear below in bolded type.
  • President Trump…
           (PICK 1, 2, 3 OR 4.)
           - 1. Support him and his policies at Make America Great Again level
           - 2. Mostly approve
           - 3. Mostly disapprove
           - 4. Disapprove at “resistance” level
           I was skeptical of Trump through the election, but have seen positive economic results in Colorado and around the country. I can respect positive results.
  • Judge Kavanaugh nomination for Supreme Court…
           (PICK 1, 2, 3 OR 4.)
           - 1. Fully support him and suspect Democrats of using “smear” tactics
           - 2. Support but have been willing to see how allegations issue plays out
           - 3. Oppose but have been willing to see how allegations issue plays out
           - 4. Fully oppose and suspect Republicans of unfairness
           As someone who has actively advocated for victims of assault and domestic violence to speak up for over a decade, I am concerned with the way all parties have treated Dr. Ford. We need to create a culture where victim's stories can be respected while the truth is being discovered.
  • Would you vote to have the state lead or join a legal initiative intended to reverse the federal court ruling that limits enforcement of the local no-camping laws? (YES/NO/UNDECIDED.)
  • Would you vote for legislation making Colorado a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants? (YES/NO/UNDECIDED.)
  • Some state propositions… (YES/NO/UNDECIDED FOR EACH)
           - Amendment Y (create “Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission”). UNDECIDED.
           - Amendment Z (create “Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission”). UNDECIDED.
           - Amendment 73 (generate more public school funds by raising state corporate income tax and tax on incomes over $150,000). NO.
           - Proposition 112 (increase fracking setback). NO.
           - Proposition 109 (Fix Our Damn Roads). YES.
           - Proposition 110 (Authorize Sales Tax and Bonds for Transportation Projects). NO.

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