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LETTER: Homeless who don't want help 'a problem money will not fix'

Oct. 12, 2018
       Perhaps, before the city funds "homeless ambassadors" working for the city on the Westside [see Westside Pioneer article at this link). they should attempt a conversation with the many, many people and organizations who are already working with the homeless (Marian House, the Sanctuary, Rescue Mission and New Life, to name just a few).
       These organizations spend a lot of time, money and volunteer hours trying to help the homeless find long-term solutions to their problems (of which lack of a home is seldom the primary one).
       A very small percentage want and accept that help. A very large percentage actually, appear to be very happy right where they are. Sure, free assistance is always welcome to them, but nothing that would cost them something in terms of taking responsibility for themselves, making healthy personal choices, cleaning up their drug addiction or working for a living.
       It is a standard truth in psychology that if you want to help someone more than they want to be helped, then you must stop trying to help them, because you are actually hurting them. I highly recommend that people who are interested in helping the homeless join an organization that works directly with them. They will learn a lot, and the difference they might make will be a very personal one. This is a problem money will not fix.

       Beth L. Losiewicz PhD

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