COSMIX updates: Work resumes on Holland Park wall

       After a roughly one-week delay because of supply issues related to Hurricane Katrina, Rockrimmon Constructors crews were slated to start daytime work on the noise-wall foundations in the Holland Park neighborhood this week. This may mean temporary closures of the alley next to I-25, according to information from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Rockrimmon Constructors, the contractor on the $150 million project.
       The walls are going in just east of the alley, between Ellston Street and Colorado Technical University.
       In other changes on the I-25 project known as COSMIX…
  • Paving is to begin this week north of the Fillmore Street interchange that will ultimately open three lanes of traffic each way on the interstate. The work will occur during the daytime in the closed-off median area, only affecting traffic when trucks enter and exit the highway south of Garden of the Gods Road.
  • Railings are to be installed on the upgraded/new I-25 bridges over Ellston this week. Drivers on Ellston should anticipate lane closures and delays of up to three minutes. A 15-foot height limit will be imposed for Ellston traffic going under I-25.
  • Originally scheduled last month, maintenance and resurfacing on existing pavement along north and southbound I-25 between Bijou Street and North Academy Boulevard has been assigned a new start date: Sept. 26 during the nighttime.
  • At the northbound Garden of the Gods Road on-ramp, in preparation for construction on the interstate, the lanes have been re-striped, resulting in reduced widths and an immediate merge with I-25 traffic.

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