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LETTER: Give Colorado Springs bums 'Olympic City, USA' hoodies

       We loved your “How to solve the bum problem” [Editor's Desk column by Kenyon Jordan at this link]. You summed it up quite nicely.
       Everyone talks about it, complains about it, but no one is listening. We hope the powers that be read your column.
       It is a constant problem for our family as residents and business owners.
       As you know we are in the lodging business, summer tourism. We enjoy chatting with our guests all summer long, they come here from all over the country and all over the world. The first and most frequent conversations are always about all the bums, panhandlers, homeless...
       Some of our guests tell us they have seen this where they live, but have never seen it so bad. All of our visitors are appalled that our city lets this happen.
       That new Colorado Springs branding, “Olympic City USA,” may take awhile to catch on, since all residents, visitors and folks just passing through just see bums. Maybe we should outfit the bums with Team USA hoodies and sweats.
       Colorado Springs is referred to as “the bum highway” and “bum plaza” - how's that for branding?
       Keep up the good work.

       Lizabeth and Gary Salinas

(Posted 9/9/17; Opinion: Letters)

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