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D-18 State Rep. Lee refuses to answer Pioneer questions; doesn't say why

District 18 State Rep. Pete Lee.
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District 18 State Representative Pete Lee refused to provide answers to a candidate questionnaire from the Westside Pioneer.
       The three-term Democrat incumbent provided no reason. He announced his decision in a one-sentence e-mail: “I regret that I will not be responding to your questionnaire.”
       This communication, dated Aug. 27, came 16 days after the Pioneer had initially sent the questions to Lee.
       In a phone conversation Aug. 21 - a day after the originally requested response deadline - Lee told Pioneer Editor Kenyon Jordan he had received the questions but had not found time to work on them.
       Jordan offered to give him another five days. Lee said OK.
       On Aug. 27, a day after the new deadline came and went without contact from Lee, Jordan e-mailed the state representative, as follows:
       “Pete - I'm coming up on my print deadline, so I would greatly appreciate getting back your responses. You agreed on the phone to an Aug. 26 date, which was already an extension from the original Aug. 20. In all fairness, you've had these to think about considerably longer than your Republican opponent.
       “If you're having a problem, please let me know, by e-mail or 471-6776. Remember, as I stated in my initial e-mail Aug. 11, if you don't want to write much (or anything) on any of the questions, you can always just put 'yes' or 'no.'”
       It was to this e-mail that Lee replied with his one-sentence refusal.
       Jordan has e-mailed back, requesting an explanation, but no answer was received from Lee by the Pioneer's print date (Sept. 1) - in which responses from both the Republican and Democrat candidates were slated to appear - nor by the date this article is being posted online (Sept. 2).
       As for the Republicans, the Pioneer had initially sent the same questions to then-candidate Sonya Rose Aug. 11 (the same day they went to Lee), only to have her e-mail back that she had decided that day to drop out for family reasons.
       This prompted an accelerated process by the Republicans to find a replacement. The selection, Cameron Forth, was announced less than two weeks later.
       With the Pioneer's Sept. 1 print date nearing, Jordan forwarded Forth the same questions Aug. 20, requesting a return by Aug. 26, but saying Aug. 29 would be OK (giving him the weekend) because he'd had less time than Lee. Forth sent back his responses Aug. 27. (To see the Westside Pioneer questions and Forth's responses, go to this link.)

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 9/2/16; Politics: State/Region)

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