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LETTERS: 3 with upbeat feedback on Pioneer editor's bum solution

       Below are three letters that the Westside Pioneer has received reflecting a generally favorable response to the Editor's Desk column - "How to Solve the Bum Problem," by Kenyon Jordan, which appeared in the Pioneer's September-October 2017 print edition and online at this link.) Two other letter-writers also expressed conceptual support, but preferred not to be published.

       I'm for you on your comments about the bums. My sentiments exactly. We have been ignoring the root problem for years, only foolishly applying band aids. Mental health aid is what many of them need desperately.

       Mary Henson
* * * * *

       Most editorials I read generally pose a problem with no solution. I found yours to be thorough in presenting the problem - parasites,who feed off the misguided good intentions of others.
       You also present a solution for those mentally unfit to take care of themselves, reviving mental healthcare institutions.
       It is my hope your article gains traction in our community and people realize that they are contributing to the problem and not the solution. Changes need to be made.

       Tom Gallivan
* * * * *

       I believe that on some level, the problem is not an excess of "softheartedness" but simply pursuing what is "good business." I've watched things grow from mostly volunteer-driven to a real corporate model. Every year, there are more staff, more money, more administration and more clients.
       The defense industry is a pretty good model. And, like the defense industry, as long as we have the factory building the landing gear in our community, it really doesn't matter that the fighter jet can barely fly... Yup, I too, don't see much chance for improvement with the current way of doing things.

       Matthew Parkhouse, RN

       Editor's note: Parkhouse helped start Colorado Springs' downtown Red Cross homeless shelter in 1984.

(Posted 9/1/17; Opinion: Letters)

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