COSMIX updates: Work-zone road to get resurfaced

       The bumpity-bump ride of late along I-25 north of Bijou Street will be coming to an end, in conjunction with the I-25 widening (COSMIX) project by contractor Rockrimmon Constructors.
       “As part of the maintenance and upkeep of the interstate, areas of the highway within the COSMIX project limits will be patched and resurfaced with a thin layer of asphalt to repair worn and degraded road surfaces,” reads a press release from COSMIX spokesperson Bill Badger. “Resurfaced areas will be restriped if necessary.”
       The nighttime paving work (8:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. except Fridays and Saturdays) was scheduled to start Aug. 21 and continue through Thursday, Sept. 1. The work “will require intermittent and isolated overnight lane closures both north and southbound between Bijou Street and North Academy Boulevard,” Badger said.
       Noise wall/Ellston bridge
       According to Badger, Rockrimmon Constructors' night work for the Holland Park neighborhood noise wall has been completed. The remaining noise wall construction will be during the day. Rockrimmon Constructors will install new drainage pipes and inlets along the west side of I-25 just north of Ellston Street in work related to the noise wall. Next, the noise wall column foundations, called caissons, will be drilled and poured. A total of 90 caissons will be installed, each 33 feet apart, with workers going south to north. To accommodate a drilling rig, the alley behind Chestnut Street may be closed at times.
       Also ongoing in the Holland Park area is the Ellston Street Bridge widening and in the I-25 median between Fillmore Street and Garden of the Gods Road, where road base material continues to be imported overnight. During the day, the road base material will be graded and compacted.
       For more info...
       Go to the website at or call the 24-hour line at 1-877-COSMIX1 (1-877-276-6491).

From a press release