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Albertsons grocery store 'rebranded' as Safeway in West Wind shopping center

The ridge line (far left) north of Garden of the Gods Road gives a clue that this former Albertson's grocery (now Safeway) is located in the West Wind shopping center at Garden of the Gods and Centennial Boulevard. The parking-lot bunting (upper left) was to help celebrate the recent name change.
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The Albertsons in the West Wind shopping center is now a Safeway.
       No major changes are planned for the 22-year-old, 5,100-square-foot grocery, according to Kris Staaf, public affairs director for Safeway's Denver Division.
       But there's been an effort to upgrade the shopping experience. “We're trying to take the best of both brands,” Staaf said, encouraging people to especially check out the enhancements in the meat and fruit departments.
       The West Wind store, at 4405 Centennial Blvd., is one of the three Albertson's stores in Colorado Springs that were changed over. Including the interior upgrades, the overall cost totaled $6 million, Staaf said.
       The employees in those stores have been retained, except they now have different uniforms, Staaf said. The change has left them “excited and proud,” she expounded.
       The two grocery chains had merged in 2015. Eight Albertson stores in Denver became Safeways last year. “There is power in rebranding under one name,” Staaf said.
       However, she pointed out that in some communities in the Rocky Mountain region people identify enough with Albertsons that no name changes are planned there.
       Safeway's Denver Division oversees stores in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska and South Dakota.
       Safeway stores have been on the Colorado Springs Westside in varying locations since the late 1920s. A long-time store is on Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street.

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(Posted 8/21/17; Business: Changes)

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