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Letter: Goodwill's fleet-maintenance plan worse than Kum & Go would have been

       So Goodwill, as I predicted when protesting Westsiders loudly objected to replacing the long-empty and desolate-looking Goodwill building on the south side of Colorado Avenue for a useful new Kum & Go convenience store, it could end up with an even far less “compatible use.” I was right. Goodwill has decided to keep the property perpetually ugly and use it to "...start servicing fleet vehicles for other entities in addition to Goodwill's 70-some trucks, trailers and buses” [quote from Westside Pioneer article].
       When those objecting Westsiders refused the offer by the well-heeled Kum & Go designers to enhance the property by both landscaping and even proffered historical murals, it was an utter failure of their imagination and business good will. I remain disgusted.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 8/4/14; Opinion: Letters)

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