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Letter: Wilhelmia resident concerned about Calvary parking plan

       I am a resident on Wilhelmia Avenue and am very concerned with the parking issue on the proposed Calvary Worship Center expansion.
       It will create very big issues of concern for residences in this area. Water runoff from a hill that at present absorbs water will be covered with tar, making for a perfect channel down Wilhelmia Avenue and impacting our clay soil and the foundations of our homes that already have enough problems on the Westside.
       If this comes to pass, I for one will be taking action. It could increase traffic on my quiet street, making it hard to get out of my own driveway on Sundays and during other events. People on the hill will have their pristine view turned into a parking lot.
       Last but not least is the impact on wildlife. One night police shone a spotlight on the field as they were looking for someone, and the number of eyes and heads that popped up were amazing, showing how many animals use this as bedding, grazing and trails. I don't feel the church has the right to take any of that away.
       They can do as they please with the buildings. I can live for a short time with the dust and noise. But the parking issue is too much to ask for. People, please voice your opinion!

       Mary Ross

       Editor's note: A Westside Pioneer article on the Calvary Worship Center proposal to City Land Use Review, leading up to the July 10, 2014, neighborhood meeting, can be found by clicking here.

(Posted 7/9/14, updated 7/10/14; Opinion: Letters)

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