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Torin Smith stands on the floor of the mobile stage May 25 as it was opened out for use after he'd towed the unit to Bancroft Park. Standing in front is Jim Wear, owner of Pro Promotions, the Territory Days promoter, who will use it for bands this year because of fire damage in the bandshell behind it. Smith is a co-owner of UpStaged, a Westside business that makes mobile stages.
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Mobile stage towed into Bancroft Park for Territory Days

Torin Smith of UpStaged backs the mobile stage unit into place in Bancroft Park May 25, with directional assistance from Territory Days promoter Jim Wear.
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A mobile stage, to be used for Territory Days this year in Bancroft Park, was delivered on the afternoon of May 25.
       The 42nd annual street festival in Old Colorado City is May 27-29, including numerous bands in Bancroft. The permanent bandshell can't be used this year becauses of damage from an as-yet-unsolved arson fire last January. Repairs by a City Parks-hired contractor are due to start after Territory Days.
       The temporary stage is being rented from UpStaged, a business located off South 21st Street which had manufactured the unit. Torin Smith, one of its owners, drove a pickup truck to the park, towing the 24x18-foot wheeled stage behind.
       Situating the unit in its planned spot required several forward-and-back driving moves in the concrete area in front of the bandshell with directional help from Territory Days promoter Jim Wear and Shawn Riley, a City Parks supervisor.
       Wear said the temporary stage is slightly smaller than the bandshell, but should be able to handle the performing acts he has lined up for the event.
       Earlier in the week, the bandshell-repair contractor, Murphy Constructors, removed a chainlink fence it had initially placed around the bandshell. This was at Wear's request, based on the tight space required to get the bandshell into the park.
       For more Territory Days information, go to this link on the Westside Pioneer website.

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(Posted 5/26/17; Business: Events)

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