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As part of Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) work, a Wildcat Construction backhoe crew reshapes the space between Colorado and Pikes Peak avenues that used to be Ridge Road. Plans call for a bicycle-friendly "trail plaza" in that location, plus a nearby bus stop. When WAAP is done, Ridge and Colorado Avenue will be a T-intersection with a stoplight.
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WAAP 'Coffee' reveals schedule issues - earliest bridge opening in late August

May 20, 2018
       The May 16 “Coffee with the Contractor” for the $35.5 million Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) project revealed updates, changes and uncertainties.
       A multi-government project led by El Paso County, WAAP is rebuilding a roughly 1½-mile stretch of Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street and into Manitou Springs.
Manitou Springs City Councilmember Nancy Fortuin (far right) talks to the audience during the Westside Avenue Action Plan's “Coffee with the Contractor” May 16 in the main hall of the Buffalo Lodge. Another elected official on hand was El Paso County Commissioner Stan VanderWerf, whose District 3 includes Manitou and the Westside.
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Work started in December 2016. The project team schedules informal “Coffee” gatherings to keep the public up to speed. The May 16 event was at the Buffalo Lodge.
  • Completion date shaky. The project had been scheduled to be "substantially complete" in December, but that appears to be changing. According to Dennis Barron, the county's project manager, there have been “a lot of bumps in the road and hurdles to cross” and, although the project team hopes to have “most of the important elements done” by year's end, the expectation now is that work will “extend into 2019.”
           But “we're hoping it will just be finish work,” Barron added. A big reason for the time concern is a creek wall that needs to be built. That job is particularly weather-dependent, and “may push us out,” he said.
  • Adams Crossing Bridge delay. Spanning Fountain Creek at Columbia Road, the under-construction Colorado Avenue bridge will not open to traffic
    In a common scene along Colorado Avenue near Columbia Road, a flagger restricts traffic to one side at a time. In this case, it's the westbound motorists who are waiting their turn.
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    until the end of August or early September, Barron said. Wildcat Construction had predicted until recently that it would open in May.
           Barron and Matthew Karr of Wildcat explained after the meeting that contributing to the delay were complications with property acquisition and utility work and the time required for state review of plans calling for the removal/rearrangement of historic stone walls near the bridge. Also, “maybe we were a little optimistic,” Barron said. As for the acquisitions, "sometimes things take longer than you hope," he summarized.
  • Property acquistions causing impact. This is the first time that the project team has acknowledged that their plan - procuring easements or buying property in tandem with construction - has slowed the work itself. About 85 properties (almost all partial purchases or easements) were needed when WAAP began. Typically in government projects, acquisitions are completed beforehand, but the thinking for WAAP was that waiting to complete that process first would have meant construction costs (already on the rise) climbing even higher.
  • Bridge named... or not? No plans have been made yet for any marker identifying the bridge name as “Adams Crossing.” According to official records and anecdotal
    During a public meeting in April 2014, a Powerpoint slide (part of a presentation by Steve Murray, the lead consultant in the Westside Avenue Action Plan) showed Adams Crossing as the name of the bridge over Fountain Creek at Columbia Road.
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    information, people have called it that since the late 1800s, based on the nearby home of Charles Adams - a nationally prominent citizen of that era who had close ties to the Westside and Manitou.
           At a public meeting in 2014, the WAAP project team agreed, after a presentation by local historians, to name the bridge "Adams Crossing."
           Consultant/project design lead Steve Murray, who was part of the team at that meeting, said after the May 16 “Coffee” that he would look into the matter.
  • Misguided travelers. Outdated GPS information (not within the control of the project team) is directing visitors to use Ridge Road when accessing Colorado Avenue motels - which puts them right in the middle of the WAAP construction zone. A hotel owner pointed this out at the meeting. Project team members said they would try to contact Google Maps and others providing such services and/or improve project signage.
  • Midland Trail on sidewalk. In a change from pre-construction plans, WAAP will not situate the Midland Trail between Ridge and Columbia along Fountain Creek. Karr said that trail users instead will be directed to sidewalks, which are being built as part of the project on either side of the avenue.
           He described the sidewalks as an “interim” trail solution, adding that a future Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) drainage-control project will include the creekside connection.
    Matthew Karr, superintendent for Wildcat Construction (the Westside Avenue Action Plan contractor), explains project plans with the help of a large map during the "Coffee with the Contractor" May 16.
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  • CDOT project/Timber Lodge. The above-noted CDOT project is primarily a water-detention pond north of Fountain Creek and west of Ridge Road that will treat runoff from Highway 24 before it goes into the creek. Karr asserted that the pond will be built on the site of the present-day Timber Lodge, which “is to be demolished” for that purpose.
           However, this statement was questioned after the meeting by Cindy Hooton, who has owned the Timber Lodge with her husband John for more than 30 years. She told the Westside Pioneer that although CDOT has mentioned the idea to them, nothing definite has ever been agreed on - let alone put in writing - to buy the property or demolish its 24 cabins.
  • Ridge Road plaza, not "camp." An amenity called a "trail plaza" is being built as part of WAAP in the space where Ridge used to connect between Colorado and Pikes Peak avenues. It's intended to be a bicycle-friendly spot with benches and paths near a bus stop. Murray told the “Coffee” attendees that his design should also keep the plaza from becoming a hangout where people want to spend the night. “We want it to be attractive, but we don't want it to be a camp,” he said.
  • Return of Manitou Springs arch. Removed last September for project work, the traditional sign over the avenue is being reinstalled near its previous spot at Manitou's eastern city limits line. This should happen late this month (May 2018), according to Barron.
  • Coming impacts. Crews undergrounding utilities and installing storm drains are expected to begin digging into the avenue east of Ridge Road late this month (May 2018), gradually working their way to 31st Street in the coming weeks. Colorado Avenue traffic through the project area will continue to have flaggers and intermittently be reduced to one lane. Also expect closures for the time being on Pikes Peak Avenue around Ridge Road and on 36th Street between Colorado and Pikes Peak.
  • Citizen complaints. Project-related safety concerns were heard during the “Coffee” gathering, regarding potholes, dirt on the road and other issues. Citizens in general were told that their input is important and not to be shy about asking questions or raising issues. The WAAP “hotline” is 301-3801, and the website is westsideavenueplan.com.

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