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Hwy 24 projects - 31st Street lefts, Ridge Road crossing - could start in June

May 13, 2018
       Two projects scheduled on Westside Highway 24 this year may start as early as June, according to Dave Watt, the Colorado Department of Transportation
With a green arrow, drivers start turning left onto 31st Street from eastbound Highway 24 in a recent photo. But a long queue remains in the turn lane behind them. The state plans to extend the lane to 1,100 feet this summer.
Westside Pioneer photo
(CDOT) resident engineer for the area.
       Both projects - one at 31st Street, the other at Ridge Road - will affect traffic to some extent, he said.
       One contractor will be hired for both jobs. Once work starts, Watt said CDOT expects completion within “90 working days” - meaning longer than three months.
  • 31st Street. The eastbound left turn lane will be increased from 400 feet to 1,100 feet, he said. Currently, motor vehicles waiting to turn at 31st Street can back up into the highway's through lane during red lights.
           Most of the work will occur at night, with the turn lane staying open in the daytime, Watt added.
  • Ridge Road. Temporary barricades (erected by CDOT for safety reasons last year) will be made permanent. These prevent Ridge drivers from crossing the highway and require them to turn right. Lefts will still be allowed in either direction from the highway onto Ridge, Watt said.

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