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Release of latest Michael Garman sculpture timed for his 80th birthday

Prairie Rose is the latest sculpture by Michael Garman.
Courtesy of Michael Garman Museum & Gallery
May 16, 2018
       The latest sculpture by 48-year Old Colorado City sculptor Michael Garman was released on his 80th birthday May 15.
       Standing 19˝ inches high, Prairie Rose marks the “culmination of a decade's worth of work on a distinctive female character,” a press release states.
       The owner and namesake of the Michael Garman Museum & Gallery, 2418 W. Colorado Ave., “completed work on Prairie Rose in April, determined to finish the sculpture prior to his recent pulmonary thromboendarterectomy (heart- and-lung) surgery,” the release elaborates. “In 2008, Garman was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and his recent surgery was necessary due to complications related to that diagnosis, [but he] is in the process of making a full recovery.”
       Creating Prairie Rose has been a personal challenge, the press release quotes the nationally known sculptor, who set up shop in Old Colorado City in 1975: “The women in my life are by far the most complicated beings I have ever met. A female sculpture is no less complex. Creating a woman is an art in and of itself.”
       Prairie Rose reproductions are available in hand-painted and bronze finishes, the release adds.

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