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Custom-built pedestrian bridges to be installed at Cimarron/I-25 in May

A graphic shows an aerial-type graphic of the Cimarron/I-25 interchange project, overlaid onto an aerial photo of the previous interchange layout. Identified are the locations of the custom-built pedestrian bridges that are to be installed in May. North is up. The tan trail at the top, paralleling Fountain Creek and going under two ramps and the interstate itself, is the Midland Trail. It connects with the Greenway Trail (as shown) east of the northbound on-ramp.
Courtesy of Colorado Department of Transportation
The community will soon see the installation of two new pedestrian bridges - one over Monument Creek and one over Fountain Creek - as part of the work being done on the Cimarron/I-25 interchange project.
       Both bridges were designed by interchange contractor Kraemer North America and its design team. The bridges are being fabricated in Alexandria, Minnesota, by Contech Engineered Solutions.
       Meanwhile, at the Cimarron location, Kraemer has built the abutments that will hold the bridges up at either end.
       Once fabricated, each bridge will be transported to Colorado Springs in two separate sections on flatbed trucks. Kraemer will then assemble the bridges on site and hoist them onto the abutments. This is expected to happen in May.
       The Monument Creek pedestrian bridge structure was purchased by the City of Colorado Springs and is being installed by Kraemer. This bridge will be located north of Cimarron Street and will provide a new connection from the paved Pikes Peak Greenway Trail over Monument Creek, which becomes the realigned Midland Trail along Fountain Creek to the west.
       Kraemer removed the original Fountain Creek pedestrian bridge intact. It is now being used by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region for access to its dog park.
       The new bridge will be located just east of the old location and will be a longer and wider structure to accommodate creek improvements and higher flows.
       Once the Fountain Creek and Monument Creek pedestrian bridges are in place, the project team will finish the remaining trail and stream improvements, with the goal of opening all of the trails by late summer 2017.

From a press release
(Posted 4/26/17; Transportation: Cimarron/I-25 )

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