Obituary: Dwayne Tessler

       Dwayne Tessler, 47, co-owner of Old Town Pizza & Deli in Old Colorado City, died April 2. He had been suffering from cancer. Dwayne Tessler
       Tessler is survived by his wife, Simone; daughter, Kira; and son, Jason. The family lives in Monument.
       Dwayne and Simone opened Old Town Pizza this winter at 2609 W. Colorado Ave., fulfilling what both said at the time was a dream of working together.
       The eatery was especially popular during and after the St. Patrick's Day Parade March 12, but a few days later Tessler's worsening medical condition forced him into the hospital.
       The business has been closed since that time, but Simone may reopen in the near future, according to the current newsletter of the Old Colorado City Associates merchants group.

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