2004 city backup policy: Homeowners need proof they’ve cleaned their service lines

       The city's wastewater backup policy, approved March 17, 2004, states that Colorado Springs Utilities will pay for damages caused by blockages in its wastewater main lines if the affected customers can show proof they had their wastewater service lines professionally cleaned or replaced within the past 24 months.
       If customers do not have such proof and Springs Utilities is not negligent, then the customers are responsible for any damage to their property from the backup.
       “For your readers, that's extremely important,” City Council member Jerry Heimlicher told the Westside Pioneer. “We need to keep reminding people about this. A real tragedy would be someone who didn't know, didn't get a rotorooter and had a backup.”
       For more information, call Utilities at 448-4800.

From a press release