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LETTER: 'Road dieting' traffic description has become 'gobbledygook term'

April 17, 2018
       I remember reading about our transportation director using the term "road dieting" at a rather lively public meeting recently for the strangulation of the north-south arteries near downtown, in order to accommodate the refusal/inability of CC students to look both ways before they cross the street.
       I had to learn that skill before starting to walk to kindergarten. Perhaps the students at Palmer High, who don't seem to have any trouble crossing downtown streets, could tutor the CC students in this important life skill.
       I'm for free speech as much as the next guy, but there ought to be a rule against using gobbledygook terms like "road dieting" or "traffic calming." Infractions of this rule should be punishable by death.

       Kurt Foster

(Opinion: Letters)

       Editor's note: The letter references an article in the Westside Pioneer about the city's proposed "road dieting" for a segment of Walnut Street. See article at this link.

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