Methamphetamine use leads to addiction, brain damage

       According to authorities at a Westside methamphetamine test house this week, the illegal drug is easily addictive, giving users a false sense of happiness.
       But after prolonged use, the “high” can no longer be achieved. Worse still, the natural pleasure-inducing capabilities in the brain are steadily destroyed, meaning that many users face a future of permanent depression… and worse.
       Other symptoms of chronic users are psychotic behavior, including paranoia, hallucinations and violence.
       “Their life goes to hell, along with everyone around them,” explained Deputy Caoimhin “Q” Connell of the Park County Sheriff's Office. “They're very destructive.”
       He described users he's seen in custody, gouging their arms with pens, in the imagined belief that bugs are crawling beneath their skin.
       Yet even with such knowledge out there, methamphetamine use continues to plague law-enforcement authorities. Part of the problem is the relatively cheap cost of a powdery dose, which can be as low as $10.
       Commented Westside property owner Jim Goodwin (who donated his property on Ehrich Street for authorities' meth-testing efforts this week), “Meth is a tremendous lure for addictive personalities.”

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