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EDITOR'S DESK: Major media 'marches' into pick and roll

By Kenyon Jordan

March 25, 2018
       A common (albeit irksome) quirk with the major media is how easily they get "played" by clever newsmakers.
       It's kind of like watching a Denver Nuggets game. Other teams have noticed that the Nugs are suckers for the pick and roll, so they run it over and over again.
       I yell at the TV screen, "Where's the hedge-out? What happened to the weak-side help?" All to no avail. The nano-quick point guard for the

other team winds up by himself in the lane against gangly Nugget center Nikola Jokic, and that's all she wrote.
       So why do the Nuggets keep putting themselves in that position? They must figure that if they keep doing it the same way, eventually it will work.
       That must be how it is for most media when President Trump sends out a tweet-storm. They moan and rail that everything he's talking about is beyond the pale, not to mention beneath the dignity of truth-tellers like themselves… and the end effect is Trump setting the tone of a topic he wants to focus on.
       A local example is the recent National School Walkout (which included Coronado, the Westside's high school). The event had most media starry-eyed that students all over wanted to commemorate those shot down in the horrifying Parkland, Florida, school massacre Feb. 14 by taking a stand against gun violence.
       So starry-eyed (plus the major media love marches, with all the photo opportunities) that they didn't think it was worth revealing who actually organized the walkout.
       News flash: It was a national group called the Women's March. This is an entity whose website backs human rights, but also supports Black Lives Matter, whose own marches for social justice have included acts of violence and threats against police officers.
       I think people have a right to know such things. Don't you?
       As for the walkout itself, because School District 11 allowed students to leave classes (even their campuses) without penalty, I asked D-11 spokesperson Devra
A photo from a National Basketball League game shows a screen being set that could lead to a pick and roll basket, if the screener (who's probably now between his man and the basket) rolls to the hoop.
Photo by Keith Allison (of Owings Mills, USA)
Ashby if this favor was based on an existing district policy. She said no, but that district officials and their employee groups acquiesced on this occasion after learning that “walkouts were being planned” around the country, which would be “highly visible and organized.”
       Ashby was then asked how the district would react if a walkout were planned by the National Rifle Association. Here is how that e-mail exchange went:
       Ashby: “All students have the right to respectfully express their opinions.”
       Me: “That's good to know, but seriously, Devra, you're saying that the district would allow students to walk out of their classrooms to join off-campus demonstrations at any time, without penalty, on any issue they choose to 'respectfully express their opinions'?”
       Ashby: “Kenyon, I can't address hypothetical situations. We do try to plan as best we can for situations as they arise.”
       As a by-the-way, about a month after Parkland, another high school shooting massacre (this time in Maryland) was prevented by a school resource officer, who heroically stopped the cowardly assailant. Isn't that great news? Except the officer used a gun to do it. So our media truth-tellers (that's a term the Gazette editor likes) have pretty much buried that story.
       Here's how it must be from their point of view: Students being safe is important, but not as important as guns being bad. Wait, do we have that right?
       Fooled again by the old pick and roll.

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       Kenyon Jordan is the editor of the Westside Pioneer.

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