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LETTER: Traffic mayhem from simultaneous city, Utilities projects

March 11, 2018
       OK, I get that the Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) project along Manitou and Colorado Avenues is totally separate from the Colorado Springs Utilities work along El Paso Boulevard.
       So, when Utilities' El Paso water-line project was announced in December, I adapted to the decrease in viable routes to avoid WAAP.
       But, last week (apparently when Utilities decided at this late date to also replace the gas line), Utilities dug up El Paso for the second time. (See Westside Pioneer article at this link.)
       This blocked off the intersection of El Paso and Garden Drive (an access from El Paso to US 24), at the same time that El Paso was blocked off for eastbound traffic at Beckers Lane. OK, no problem - just use Beckers Lane to get to Manitou Avenue to go west to make the left turn onto US 24. Butů wait for itů there was some project on Becker's Lane near the intersection with Manitou Avenue that reduced Beckers Lane to a single lane with flaggers alternating traffic.
       There was also tree trimming by a city contractor on the section of El Paso between Beckers Lane and the blocked-off intersection at Garden Drive. This reduced traffic there to a single lane.
       Couldn't these people speak to each other and try to coordinate SOME of these road and lane closures?

       Kathy Bohanon

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