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LETTER: Pioneer urged to 'keep talking' for true vagrant solution

Feb. 23, 2018
       In response to your January-February Westside Pioneer editorial [by Kenyon Jordan: at this link] I will say, keep talking! Was it only one year ago we were politely trying to live around the Westside bum problem while being quietly passionate to the plight of those less fortunate?
       We need to have our once-beautiful parks and waterways safely accessible for everyone. Feces being smeared anywhere is not OK. If dumpsters are provided to clean up campsites, the campers would actually have to use them.
       And yes, the first thing I thought when a pedestrian mall was to be built at Ridge and Colorado - bum hang-out. It's clear that the City Council and city planners are not taking their families and out-of-town guests down Midland Trail or through Monument Park, behind Unitah shopping center or in America the Beautiful Park down to the creek. Come on, take the wives and kids out for a nice hike and some Westside shopping!
       It's people like you that actually keep the issue alive. Providing more and more services under this model, there will be more services and even more. Tiptoeing around Antlers needle park (but they need somewhere to go, don't they?), and those warming fires, even on very warm days...
       At every meeting there seem to be complaints about the shelter requirements. It's a shelter, and it's free. Follow the rules.
       There has been talk of a homeless community location. Take a good look at Seattle. Eleven sanctioned camp locations, not including the sidewalk campers who are cleared out every morning.
       If you don't keep talking, who will?

       Jan Boyd Haring

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