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Political caucuses for both parties March 6; Precinct 133 new on Westside

This map for the new Precinct 133 (and others in El Paso County) can be found on the county website: car.elpasoco.com/Election/Pages/default.aspx.
Courtesy of El Paso County Election Office
Feb. 20, 2018
       Political caucuses throughout Colorado will be held the evening of Tuesday, March 6.
       Democrats and Republicans have reserved meeting places in each of the 16 precincts on the Colorado Springs Westside (as defined by the Westside Pioneer as west of I-25, north of Cheyenne/ Broadmoor, east of Manitou Springs and south of Garden of the Gods Road).
       The starting time in all cases is 7 p.m.
       El Paso County has made one Westside precinct change since the 2016 general election. That was to carve out a new Precinct 133 (part of the Pioneer Park neighborhood, north of King Street) out of Precinct 111. The El Paso County election website explains that "Colorado law invests each county’s clerk and recorder with the authority to create precincts that contain between 1,500 and 2,000 active eligible voters, so long as the plan is approved by the Board of County Commissioners."
       The purpose of the caucuses is to elect precinct committee persons and delegates to the ensuing county or state assemblies.
       To find the March 6 precinct caucus locations for Democrats, phone 473-8713 or go to peakdems.org; for Republicans, phone 578-0022 or go to gopelpaso.com.
       Another resource is epcvotes.com, which is made available by the El Paso County Election Office. The phone is 575-VOTE (8683).
       Various candidates have announced for state offices. Their numbers will be narrowed down at the county assembly for each party, at which a candidate needs to receive 30 percent of the delegate vote to make the primary ballot in June.

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