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LETTER: Bancroft Park no place for 'in your face' restroom building

Feb. 12, 2018
       After living on the Westside for all of my life (I am a fourth-generation Colorado Springs native), the community and rich history of this area is of the upmost importance to me!
       My great-grandfather, the first dentist in Colorado Springs, was a strong proponent of propriety, and always interested in the best for his city! And after reading about the proposed Bancroft Park renovation, I also remembered that my parents met in Bancroft Park at one of the square dances in the early 1940s.
       While the park certainly needed remodeling, the proposed "state of the art" restrooms won't fit the historic flavor of that area/park. The entire Westside is quaint, reminiscent of the early days of our region, and to have such an "in your face" bathroom sitting opposite the old state capitol cabin is obnoxious at best!
       It would be better to have a one-hole-outhouse there than a stainless-steel, 10-minute-locking, "state of the art" contraption up front for the public view! Of course, you wouldn't want to have a one-holer, and to even think it would be better is ridiculous! Yet, so too would be the stainless-steel contraption.
       However, there may be a viable alternative. What about restrooms in another location, nearby Vermijo Park could be a consideration? It is a starting point for the Midland trail and a likely rest stop for many hikers.
       To put it in the strongest language, please DO NOT degrade our lovely park with these toilets. Old Colorado City is historic, a beautiful quiet area, unique shops and businesses, At Christmas, carolers bring joy-filled music to the streets, and everywhere tourists and residents alike are drawn in.

       Gretchen Arnold
       Cc: Colorado Springs Parks Department, Advisory Board

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