What do you do?
Mike Anderson

Where do you work and what is your title?
       Im the manager at The Hub Car Wash & Diner.
What do you do there and/or what are you responsible for?
       I oversee the entire food and beverage department. Youll catch me cooking, doing dishes, bussing tables, greeting and serving customers. I also create the menus and order 90 percent of the food. The other 10 percent is parceled out, either to distributors or other personnel.
How long have you been doing this kind of work (total)? How long on the Westside?
        I started working full time in restaurants in 1981 and started managing in 1985. We moved to Colorado from Kansas in 1991, and I worked at the Garden of the Gods/Kissing Camels Club from 1991-2000, then at the Broadmoor for about a year and a half, then back to the Westside in 2002, and Ive been here ever since.
What do you like best about it (other than quitting time)?
       Getting a chance to meet all kinds of people. I like to greet people and talk to them (if I have the chance), just as if they were visiting at my house. Also, Im on the move a lot at the restaurant, so it makes the time go by quicker.
If you could change one thing (other than pay), what would it be?
       We used to be closed on Sundays and that was cool. but the demand to open was too great, so were open seven days now.
What part of your work did your training/education never prepare you for?
       Sometimes, in this industry, the hours can get long. Also, dealing with people in general has its moments.
What makes working on the Westside special?
       To me, its like a little city within a city. I also see a lot of positive growth going on as well. I also like the school system that my daughter, Hayley, goes to.

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