Hoofin’ the way it used to be

       Dancers got back to the roots of square dancing Feb. 5 at the Westside’s Carriage Stop for the first in a series of evenings where callers will use the original steps and terms that were documented in Lloyd “Pappy” Shaw’s 1939 book, “Cowboy Dances,” and a later book focusing on round dances. Callers/organizers Merell Folsom and Ron Counts said afterwards they were pleased with the turnout (about 30 people) and plan to start holding the dances on the first Saturday of each month starting in April. “We will build on this next time and add some more round dances, such as the varsouvianna and waltzes,” Folsom said. Of Shaw, he said, “His concern was that dances were getting too complicated and too far away from the basic dances he had collected. But you can’t convince everyone of that.”

Westside Pioneer photo