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The Micci Grocery, owned by Westsider Dale Schroeder's grandparents on his mother's side, operated at 2031 W. Colorado Ave. from at least 1942 and into the late '50s.
Courtesy of Dale Schroeder

Meet a Westside Pioneer!
Dale Schroeder

Jan. 22, 2019
       What kind of career have you had?
       While attending college at Northern Illinois, I was a club gymnastics coach. During summers away from college, I was able to learn the trade of plumbing. After college, I began
Dale Schroeder.
Westside Pioneer photo
plumbing full time and now am co-owner of Springs Custom Plumbing.

       My wife Melissa, and I have been married for 21 years. We met at Rogers Bar, which was a popular place then in Old Colorado City.

       Any of your family members still here?
       Four of my five brothers still live on the Westside: Bill – retired business owner; Jim – works at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store; Frank – semi-retired contractor; and Ernie – small tool repair business owner. Kenneth (Butch) died in 2017. He had served in the military, including the Vietnam War, and drove for Schmidt Trucking. In addition to my brothers, I have a very large, extended family on the Westside.

       When did your parents/grandparents move to the Westside? What were their names? Where did they come from? What did they do here?
       My grandparents, Frank and Rosa Micci, came to the United States from Italy in 1895. While some records are missing, it is known that by 1942 they were
The six Schroeder brothers: (back, from left) Butch and Bill; (front, from left) Jim, Frank, Ernie and Dale.
Westside Pioneer photo
running a grocery store at 2031 W. Colorado Ave. My mom Frances (née Micci) was born here. She was introduced to my dad through his brother. My dad, Glen Schroeder, was born in Kansas but moved here because of the military (Peterson Field). He was the dispatch officer for Newton Lumber, and a professional truck driver for Miller High Life and Schmidt Trucking. My mom worked at Walks Motel and also at the grocery store. My brothers remembered stocking apples at the store (as young kids). Both my parents have passed on.

       Any offspring of your own?
       I have two daughters. Both live on the Westside! Kayla, my oldest, is a library technology technician at West Middle School; and Kourtney, my youngest, is a sales representative at Jared Jewelers.

       What are your best memories of growing up on the Westside?
       The Park and Rec programs offered at Bott Park and Thorndale Park (arts and crafts)... Old Timers Little League baseball… (not park and rec). Sandlot softball
  LEFT: Glen and Frances Schroeder raised Dale and his five brothers on the Westside. RIGHT: Frances' parents, Frank and Rose Micci, who owned the Micci Grocery at 2031 W. Colorado Ave. (See photo at top of page.)
Courtesy of Dale Schroeder
games... Lunch hikes to Bath Tub Rock and Pigeon Cave (along the Hogbacks)... And drinking wassail while Christmas shopping in Old Colorado City.

       What is gone from the Westside now that you wish had stayed?
       The St. Patrick's Day Parade, Rogers Bar, Sky View Drive-In Theater, Zeb's Restaurant, Schoch's Hardware and the "World's Largest Pendulum Clock," which was right behind the liquor store on 21st.

       What has stayed that you wish had gone?
       The above-ground power lines. We have an especially big power pole in our neighborhood.

       How about the way things have changed?
       I think the Westside has changed for the good with all the "mom and pop" shops and independently owned restaurants and stores. They bring a sense of community to the Westside and Old Colorado City.

       Overall, is the Westside better or worse than when you were a kid here?
       I believe the Westside is better… The revitalization efforts transformed Old Colorado City from an adult district to more of a family district. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the Westside, there is now traffic congestion.

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