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Letter: 2010 loss of city historic preservation planner still haunts Westside

       Editor's note: Dave Hughes led the Old Colorado City economic revitalization effort of the 1970s and '80s. His letter is in response to the Westside Pioneer article titled “Unused: Book once co-funded by state/city as Westside historic preservation guide," which can be found at this link.

       It was the shortsighted decision of a three-year city manager (Penny Culbreth-Graft, 2008-10) to force out the only city staffer who worked on city-wide historic preservation (Tim Scanlon).
       That doomed city-supported efforts to benefit the Westside - including financially from a state tax incentive, which would have spread to Westside residences the effects of the National Historic Preservation status for the Old Colorado City business district that I had engineered by 1982.
       Since Scanlon left, the city has lacked an effective champion of even blue-collar Westside historic preservation.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 1/2/17; Opinion: Letters)

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